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Meet the next generation in LED lighting technology - the V3 Triton. With its 6 Philips Rebel 3W LEDs, the V3 may well be the most advanced LED bulb of all time. Thanks to our exclusive design, your vehicle will have the look and safety of a high end exotic. Boasting a maximum output of 430lm of blazing amber (turn) and a powerful 600lm of white (parking) light, the V3 SwitchBack is unmatched in the industry. The universal interface system ensure ease of installation and can be used in a broad range of vehicles and applications. The V3 reaches outputs that will get your vehicle noticed in any condition. This iconic design will change the way we look at automotive LED bulbs forever.

New! Smaller Control Module Type 2 Switching Circuitry (white shuts off when amber is on)
Connectors Automotive Weatherpak
Dimming circuit Dims White LEDs to 10% output (approximately 60lm) when white wire is wire is connected to positive headlight wire
DRL Smart Control Automatically switches high input DRL signal to white LEDs
Easy installation Universal interface into lamp assembly
Optical Lens Creates 360 degree pattern for maximum reflection
Philips Rebel 3W LEDs 6 total (3 White 3 Amber)
All Aluminum Attractive anodized finish and laser engraved logos
Lifespan 50,000 hours
Adjustable lens More precise focal point in the reflector.
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Patent Pending 2012



€ 175,00
Prijs per set
Aantal: Bestellen


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